Medical GMP facilities, heavy metals free, one-stop cannabis vaping solutions.
VapeEZ technology is a global pioneer with a mission of leading vaporizer to perfection. Depending on the advanced R&D resource, strong production capability, and reliable quality control system, VapeEZ has successfully upgraded the industrial standard of vaporizing technology. Powerful researching &developing capabilities helps over 3000 clients accomplish their OEM/ODM Projects.

NEXCORE is a superior ceramic heating element technology created by VapeEZ technology after 2 years of R&D and thousands of testing by our US laboratory. NEXCORE is optimized to absorb and vaporize nicotine salts & high viscosity extracted oil more efficiently and effectively.
Exceptional Performance and Vapor Quality
Optimized to absorb and vaporize high viscosity extracts more efficiently and effectively.
What We Do Is All About Excess
VapeEZ spent 30 million to build a more than 5000 square meter GMP dust-free workshop.The new factory equipped with automated production lines, supporting 5S management, GMP, and ISO9001, provide strong guarantee for production and quality control.
Medical Standard Fecilities
With the vision of medical standard, NEXCORE‘s GMP filling workshop has been established in accordance to the health facilities.
Supply Chain Control System
We maintain an approved vendor list to ensure only those companies that meet our quality standards are allowed to enter our supply chain system.
Strict Quality Control System
We design with compliance in mind, testing throughout the development process and continuing to test once products go into production.
US. Testing Laboratory
Our products testing laboratory is located in LA US, where we make numbers extensive performance and quality tests before every new product released.
Strong R&D Resources
Depending on powerful researching & developing capabilities, NEXCORE helps over 3000+ clients accomplish their ODM/OEM projects.
Exceptional Lead Times
Scientific production management, allows us to ensure your delivery in real time so you can plan ahead and manage your inventory.